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Healthy Mind, Healthy You for Entrepreneurs - 1/2 Day 2021 National Tour Workshop

  • Are you thinking of starting up a business? 
  • Quitting your job to follow your passion?
  • Are you already a budding entrepreneur looking to take the next step? 
  • Are you an established entrepreneur looking to grow and develop further? 

It can be a scary, yet exciting, empowering and enlightening journey living the life of an entrepreneur. 

The Fairy Godmother of Wellness is here to help you create that happier healthy you. Running a successful business herself in Cinderella Stories Health & Fitness she knows how to tackle health head on to succeed in business. She understands you need to take care of number #1 first to create your happy healthy empire.

You can learn from her how to create a healthy mind, healthy business without the up hill challenges thrown at entrepreneurs today. Learn from her mistakes, so you don't have to encounter them. 

Join her on her National Tour in 2021

"Healthy Mind, Healthy You for Entrepreneurs"

  • Are you always wanting more time in the day?  
  • Is your health suffering?
  • Do you lack the knowledge and the tools to implement a healthy lifestyle to create a healthy business?

Looking for some real strategies?

The Fairy Godmother of Wellness believes we are all working longer hours, having the pressure of building our careers as well as raising a family and running a household. 

Very often our health and well-being gets neglected or put in the too hard basket hoping that one day we will make time for it. Unfortunately very often, without the right tools and guidance, making time not only for our physical health but also our mental health gets completely disregarded and undervalued. 

The Fairy Godmother of Wellness will empower you to create a better you providing you with the tools to live a happier & healthier life. 

This wellness workshop covers:

  1. Taking the leap of faith/continuing to follow your passion in a healthy way. 
  2. How to set healthy goals & stick to them.
  3. How to make and create space for yourself.
  4. How to overcome self-sabotage traits.
  5. How to add movement to your week and enjoy it.
  6. Creating a healthier you in order to create a healthier business. 

The 2021 national tour dates coming soon! 

  • Brisbane 
  • Cairns 
  • Sydney 
  • Gold Coast 
  • Hobart 
  • Melbourne  

At only $79 a ticket and only 10 tickets available for each workshop it's sure to sell out. So don't delay, purchase today! 

One of the most brilliant things you can do in business is to model what’s actually working, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

She would LOVE to support you in your journey.

She believes you deserve it!


FIFO Expert Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach

Do you work on a fifo roster or shift work or part of a family that has workers in this environment?

Do you/they struggle with sleep, nutrition, fitness and general liveability?

Book a consult with the Fairy Godmother of Wellness to create a better and more achieveable wellness pattern for yourself.

First 15 mins FREE!!!!


Public Speaking Events

Do you have an event you require an MC, host, guest speaker to attend then look no furher than the reknown International Author of 'Healthy Eating for a Healthy You Cookbook' with a twist and FIFO Expert Health, Fitness and Wellness Coach - Carly Grossek aka Fairy Godmother of Wellness.

Carly travels Australia speaking and running events about Health, Fitness and Wellness and how to create that happier, healthier lifestyle while empowering and enlightening people to make changes to reach their goals.

To book her for your next event please email email/info)(cinderellastories.com.au


Healthy Eating for a Healthy You Cookbook


The Fairy Godmother of Wellness created Healthy Eating for a Healthy You Cookbook after losing over 50kgs herself and wanted to share the recipes that helped her along the way. 

She believes that all recipes can be adapted and changed to suit whatever lifestyle you are chasing. 

Having sold internationally within a few days of sales, her books are now far and wide and stocked in stores within Cairns. 

With something for everyone from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Snacks & Drinks it’s sure to tantalise your taste buds and get you cooking in the kitchen. 

The twist comes in the form of fitness, wellness and health tips throughout so you can lead a healthy life both inside and out. 

Collection is from Cairns, QLD or express post service within Australia.

Purchase your copy here -